Beginning the Yeshé Tsogyel appliqué

Creating the Yeshé Tsogyel Appliqué

June 2003

The idea of creating a Yeshé Tsogyel appliqué came from Ngala Nor’dzin Pamo, who felt it was important to have an appliqué to match that of Padmasambhava which had been made a number of years earlier. Craft work is one of the central activities of Tantric practice and teaching. In the Aro gTér Lineage practitioners take artistic involvement and expression as being central to their lives. Craftwork including appliqué and the making of covers for musical instruments, are activities in which individuals become intensely involved.

Apprentices may be complete novices or they may be the almost professional. Levels of skill and excellence are not indications of ability or involvement, however, simply willingness to be part of a growing project. Committed individual involvement is one factor that made the appliqué retreat a great success.