Aro Lingma appliqué

Creation of the Khyungchen Aro Lingma Appliqué

Craft Retreat, June 2004

This was the third appliqué to be completed by the Aro Sanghas in the UK. The first was that of the male Tantric Buddha, Padmasambhava, and the second was of the female Tantric Buddha, Yeshé Tsogyel This third appliqué is of Khyungchen Aro Lingma. She is the gTérton who received the Aro gTér directly from Khandro Chenmo Yeshé Tsogyal. All three appliqués live in the shrine room at Aro Khalding Tsang, in Cardiff, and they can also be seen at Open Retreats in the UK. The appliqués are a wonder and beauty to all who experience them.

Ngala ’ö-Dzin talked about the loss of normal roles, letting go of their form and allowing anything to arise within the context of a craft retreat:
The sangha come together, to work co-operatively, in a cohesive and supportive enterprise. The practice is not defined, yet it is present in whatever we do and how we work together. We have an opportunity to get to know each other, to encourage appreciation of each other, and to discover skills hitherto unexplored. There is an ordinariness and an extraordinariness we can put into everything we do. Pure view is more possible here: we are the viewers and the viewed. We view others with pure vision, and are aware that they are viewing us with pure vision. There is a double responsibility and a double inspiration. Then we take this experience with us and attempt to live the view in life with all others.