Lineage Lamas with their son

Düd’dül Dorje

teaching Robert about Buddhism

Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen are often asked how they approach teaching their son about Buddhism. People are often surprised when they say they do not teach him anything unless he asks.

Khandro Déchen comments:
We teach him to be kind and to be generous. We also teach him to be brave and not to complain. He never knew about boredom until he went to school and learnt the word from other children. Ngak’chang Rinpoche explained to Robert that boredom is only experienced by people who are boring – and so Robert decided that he was not going to be bored. We explain that it is up to the individual to find interest in life through their senses. We explain that there is always something interesting in the sounds and colours, textures and shapes of the world – and Robert found it easy to understand that. This is the Buddhism we teach Robert – and it will develop in complexity as he develops. It will also depend on what he asks and how he sees the world. It is important to us that he grows to be a kind-hearted honourable person who has the capacity to work hard and enjoy thoroughly.