Jomo Sam’phel

Jomo Sam’phel

Tsogyel Gé’phel Jong – December 1998

Khandro Déchen said:
Jomo Sam’phel is ‘Rinpoche’ even though she declines this title of respect. Rinpoche means precious, and Jomo Sam’phel is one of the most precious human beings in the world.

Jomo means ‘lady’ – as in ‘lord and lady’, and Sam’phel means ‘wish-fulfilling’. Jomo Sam’phel is she who fulfils the wishes of beings simply through their turning their minds toward her.

Ngak’chang Rinpoche said:
Simply to have seen her face is to have received a cause for liberation.

This photograph of Jomo Sam’phel was taken at her chog-tsé (meditation table). She wears the earrings of a yogini and her hands rest upon her knees in the mudra of ‘Mind resting in comfort and ease’.