Vajra Guru Dorje Tröllö

Vajra Guru Dorje Tröllö

indestructible wrath

This statue shows Padmasambhava as Vajra Guru Dorje Tröllö (rDo rJe dro lod – indestructible wrath). Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche described this particular form as ‘trampling on the prostrate forms of ecclesiastical dignitaries’ and this can be seen here in the style of hat worn by the anthropomorphic embodiment of delusion below the front feet of the tiger on whose back Dorje Tröllö rides.

Ngak’chang Rinpoche commented:
… Dorje Tröllö is thus the thunderbolt catalyst, who destroys pious pretences and sanctimonious institutionalisation.

There are numerous forms of Dorje Tröllö according to different gTérma traditions, and this one accords to the Düd’jom gTér. The Khordong gTér form has a five-skull crown and looks directly forward. The Aro gTér form looks to the left, as does the Düd’jom gTér form, but has the five-skull crown and carries two phurbas rather than a phurba and a vajra.

Dorje Tröllö is the Yeshé Cholwa (ye shes ’chol ba – Wisdom-chaos) manifestation of Padmasambhava. He is one of the famous ‘Eight Guises of the Vajra Guru’. This beautifully crafted and gilded statue belongs to Lama Tharchin Rinpoche – the Lineage-holder of the Repkong.