Craft retreat expedition: Llyn Gaff became a stopping place for transmission

Craft retreat expedition

– Llyn Gafr

Llyn Gafr is the first of the lakes you come to while crossing Cadair Idris mountain in mid-Wales on the Foxes Trail from the Dolgellau side of the mountain. This is quite a shallow lake and the gentle breeze created many ripples on its surface. The water is startlingly clear and cold. The gentle movement of the water offered an ideal opportunity for practising integration with the moving element of water. The whole group sat around the edge of the lake gazing at the surface of the water in silence for quite some time.

The Foxes path seems a less popular approach to the summit of Cadair Idris than the route we took the previous year from the Corris side of the mountain. Later we were to discover why this was, as reaching the summit involved tackling a dangerous and steep scree ascent. However at this point we were able to enjoy being the only people at the lake and being able to practice together undisturbed. Even though we were barely half way up this side of the mountain, the views were already extensive and most beautiful.