Seng-gé Dradog close-up

Seng-gé Dradog

crusher of the mikhas of anger and paranoia

Seng-gé Dradog is shown here crushing the mikhas of anger and paranoia underfoot (khon ’jug mi kha and phra dog mi kha) in order that all beings may be finished with deceitful speech.

This vivid thangka shows Seng-gé Dradog roaring in a blaze of wisdom fire attended by the wrathful dakini who manifests his Buddhakarmas.

Seng-gé Dradog’s vast roar destroys the Mi-géwa’i semjung (mi dGe ba’i sems byung: khro ba—vindictiveness; khon du ’dzin pa—resentment; ’chab pa—hypocrisy; ’tshig pa—spite; phrag dog—jealousy; ser sna—avarice; sGyu—deceit; gYo—dishonesty; rGyags pa—haughtiness; rNam par; ’cho ba—malice; tha med pa—shamelessness; and khrel med pa—lack of propriety.)

Ngak’chang Rinpoche says of Seng-gé Dradog:
This ferocious manifestation of Padmasambhava is not nearly as well known as Dorje Tröllö, but in the Aro gTér – Seng-gé Dradog is equally important. With any gTérma system there is a great stress on authenticity and with the Aro gTér, authenticity is maintained through the energy of Seng-gé Dradog and Tsogyel Dradog.