Senior Repkong Ngakpas

the avowed uncut hair of powerful mantrins

Khandro Déchen comments:
When we see pictures such as this, Ngak’chang Rinpoche and I are really delighted. People all over the world have come to know of our work in preserving images of the gö-kar chang-lo’i dé, and we have met with great kindness and enthusiasm for this enterprise. So many people have told us that until they saw the images now made available they had thought that Vajrayana Buddhism was an entirely monastic culture. The collection of histories, anecdotes and eminencies concerning the gö-kar chang-lo’i dé continue to appear – along with photographs we have never seen before. The wonderful ngak’phang yogis from Repkong in this picture are sadly lacking in detail and as yet we have no names for them. It is to be hoped that one day we will be able to put names to the faces and give details of their lives. This is a huge project and one which will take many years to fulfil. Our only fear is that information will be lost, and already has been lost in the passing away of so many of the great masters born in Tibet. Ngak’chang Rinpoche has devoted his life to the preservation and propagation of the gö-kar chang-lo’i dé and greets every new photograph or story with such fresh joy and pleasure that his love for the tradition of the white skirt and long braided hair is quite uncontainable.