Ngakpa from Golok photograph

Ngakpa from Golok

Performing rites in a gar of Golok nomads

This unknown ngakpa wears the red, white and blue striped shawl and the conch earrings of the gö-kar chang-lo tradition. He wears his hair in the Zor phud yogic style bound around a takdröl in the shape of a pé-cha (Tibetan text). The photograph shows the Lama in a gar (sGar) encampment – this would either be his dwelling or the place to which he had been invited to perform rites for the drokpas – yak droving families. As with the other unknown ngakpas in this section of our historical photographs, our researchers hope to fill in the gaps at some point when these remarkable Lamas are recognised. Older Tibetan Lamas are approached whenever possible in the event that names can be put to these impressive faces. The pé-cha style takdröl is characteristic of Lamas in the Longchen Nying-thig lineage. Jig’mèd Lingpa, the incarnation of Longchenpa, is always shown wearing this type of takdröl.