the snow lion Dorje Legpa rides

Dorje Legpa

Damchan Dorje Legpa according to the Aro gTér lineage

This form of Dorje Legpa is particular to the Aro gTér lineage, and is one of the three forms within the Lineage. In this form Dorje Legpa rides a snow lion.

Ngak’chang Rinpoche comments with regard to the snow lion:
The snow lion represents youthful energy – a type of power which is enlivened by humour. The humour of the snow lion is the non-dual humour which transcends seriousness and non-seriousness. There is a wide awake, wide open, wide-eyed quality to the youthful ‘emotional astuteness’ of the snow lion. The snow lion carries Dorje Legpa on her back in a graceful yet precise manner – not needing to be ‘swift to the kill’ with regard to tracking down our deviousness with regard to our vows. The snow lion mount, simply allows Dorje Legpa the space of vajra-humour in which all deviations are ‘hoist on their respected petards’. Neuroses simply run from the gaze of the Dorje Legpa and his snow lion until they exhaust themselves. This is their wang-thang – their field of power.