Mamo Ekajati

Ngak Srungma Ekajati

sNgags srung ye ka dza ti’

As ‘Ral gÇigma Ekajati’, she is the pre-eminent protector of the Dzogchen teachings. Here, she is shown as the Guardian of Mantrayana (dPal sNgags kyi srung ma – the Splendorous Protectoress of Secret Mantra). According to the Pal Ekajati Nagmo Tröma’i Gyüd (dPal e ka dza ti nag mo khros ma’i rGyud – Tantra of the Black Wrathful Glorious Ekajati) Ekajati protects the practitioner against harms inflicted by others. One of the most important texts relating to Ekajati is the Yang-sang Lana ’medpa’i Dé (yang gSang bla na ’med pa’i sDe – Most Secret Unsurpassed Series) consisting of nineteen tantras including the Longsèl Barwa’i Gyüd (kLong gSal bar ba’i rGyud – the Tantra of the Blazing Expanse of Luminosity) and the Ngaksrung Tröma’i Gyüd (sNgags srung khro ma’i rGyud) which focuses on the protective rites of Ekajati.

Khandro Déchen comments:
This thangka is painted in the style of ngak-thang – or thangka painted on a black ground. In her left hand Ekajati holds the ripped out heart of justification. A black dog—symbol of black magic—flees from the compassionately murdered heart – describing the manner in which sociopathic desire to control and manipulate are forcefully dissolved into emptiness.