the face of Drigung Khandro

Drigung Khandro

an incarnation of Yeshé Tsogyel

Drigung Khandro is an incarnation of Yeshé Tsogyel within the Drigung Kagyüd School of Tibetan Buddhism. There have been many incarnations of Yeshé Tsogyel in the history of Tibetan Buddhism, and her inspiration continues down to the present day. Other famous incarnations of Yeshé Tsogyel have been Ma-gÇig Labdrön and Jomo Menmo.

Khyungchen Aro Lingma was also an incarnation of Yeshé Tsogyel. The Drigung School, along with the Drukpas, are the closest of the Kagyüd Schools to the Nyingma, and contain a number of great yoginis and female incarnations.