long-life wish-path


HH Chatral Sang-gyé Dorje Rinpoche

Om Swasti: Tsa sum tshe lha rab jam den tu yi,
Pal den la ma sang gyé dor je tsal,
Kal gyar zhab ten don nyi ’dzèd thrin gyé,
Thug yid chig dré ngön par jang

Through the power of the intrinsic compassion of the vast array of long-life yidams, the Three Roots, may the glorious Lama-Kyabjé Chatral Sang-gyé Dorje Rinpoche-stand firm for a hundred æons – with enlightened activates unfolding to facilitate the two types of benefit: the lineage of teachings and all beings. May we all awaken to the realised state, and our minds merge with his.