Black Ögyen Chenrézigs

Ögyen Chenrézigs

four-armed black Chenrézigs yab-yum

Above the head of Ögyen Chenrezigs flies a raven (cha-rog). Ravens and crows with glossy feathers and a blue-green radiance, are symbolically connected with the presence of the Dharma protectors (chö-kyong and srungma), and particularly with Mahakala and Mahakali.

Crows and ravens are accorded great respect by Tibetans because these birds cry out the sound of ‘A’ – the primordial syllable. Cha-rog are regarded as holders of the non-dual teachings, hence the Tibetan proverb that says it is a worse deed to kill one raven than five hundred monks. ‘A’ – the simplest sound a human being can make – is a symbol of the natural state.