Green Seng-gé Dongma thangka

Green Seng-gé Dongma

the Fabulously Obese Green Lioness of Genocidal Gluttony

This thangka was painted in Nepal by an artist who works in a studio near the Great Chörten in Bodhanath.

There is a Seng-gé Dongma kyil’khor (seng ge gDongs ma dKyil ’khor) within the Aro gTér cycle of yidams – containing five manifestations of the lion headed dakini: the yellow, white, red, green, and blue Seng-gé Dongmas.

Green Seng-gé Dongma is the most voluptuous and energetic of the Seng-gé Dongma yidams. She is known as the Fabulously Obese Green Lioness of Genocidal Gluttony.

Ngak’chang Rinpoche describes her as:
The yidam who crushes every narrow emaciated endeavour to violate the burgeoning belly of Dharma under the empty immensity of her dance. She is the naked corpulent magical mother – the virulent voluptuous vajra-sadist who lacerates the deceptions and connivances of Tirthikas i.e. those who convert Dharma into monism, dualism, nihilism or eternalism.

She wears a profusely beaded human bone skirt, draped over her gargantuan, commanding thighs, which bears the 14 syllables of destruction. These syllables are the support of the 14 Roots Vows of Vajrayana, and through the shik-sé-shik sound of her swishing hips all tantrikas are reminded of their commitments.

Khandro Déchen says of Green Seng-gé Dongma:
She dances with immeasurable strength—crouching and springing—in ferocious yogini postures. Through the unconstrained cheerfulness of her boisterously callipygous belly, she displays the magical energy of the natural state. Her alarming pendulous breasts glisten with the radiance of the limitless expanse of reality, in which everything arises and dissolves inseparable from primal purity. The savage kindness and brutal compassion of her dance is the torch of utter combustion that displays unconditioned wisdom for the benefit of everyone and everything everywhere.