nyi – two

nyi (gNyis)


Nyi is the number two in Tibetan. It occurs in a number of phrases in Buddhist teachings, such as:

  • nyi nang (gNyis sNang) – dualism; dualistic perception / experience / phenomena / appearance; the dualitic way of perceiving; dualistic thought
  • nyi tong (gNyis sTong) – voidness of subject & object; being empty of the two types of self, empty of perceiver and perceived; empty of duality
  • nyi tong yeshé or nyi mèd yeshé (gNyis sTong ye shes or gnyis med ye shes) – nondual wisdom
  • nyi du (gNyis bsDus) – samsara and nirvana
  • nyi-mèd (gNyis med) – the third of the four naljors of Dzogchen sem-dé, usually translated as ‘nonduality’. Literally it means ‘not two’.