Dung-sé Thrin-lé Norbu Rinpoche’s long-life wish-path


Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Lineage holder of the Repkong gö kar chang lo lineage

Om Swari: Kyé chhi ’jig drèl nang wa tha yé pa’i,
Rang tsal ma gak dé chen dor je ju,
Khan dro mi zèd bar wa’i thrin thrö wa,
Lhün drüp rig ’dzin ped ma’i jin lab kyi.

Ngé dön ten pa’i ring lug ’dzin pa la,
Lhag sam dag pa’i go chha rab tsen pa’i,
Drin chen la ma’i zhab pèd pag ten né,
Dro ’phen thrin lé chog tu ngön gyé zhing.

Gang gi jé jug kal den lob ma’i tshog,
Tshé dang drüp pa tha ru chin pa né,
Theg chog ’ö Sel nying po ten pa la,
Si zhu ’bèd ’mèd lhun gyi drüp ’gyür chig.

Free from fear of birth or death – immeasurable pure appearance is the self illuminating, unobstructed vajra body of great ecstasy. Manifesting inexhaustible wisdom dakinis radiating immeasurably like clouds is the self-accomplished Rig’dzin Padmasambhava, by whose blessing-Lama of great kindness-may your life always be firm. Holding the actual meaning of the tradition of the teachings with the impenetrable armour of pure intention, may your activity flourish supremely for the benefit of beings. May your fortunate gathering of disciples live long and completely accomplish their practice. May serving the supreme vehicles of clear light essence teachings be effortlessly and spontaneously fulfilled.

Written by Dung-sé Thrin-lé Norbu Rinpoche on the tenth day of the sixth Tibetan month – the birthday of Padmasambhava according to the Gong du gTérma tradition.