Aro Lineage Sister Websites

launched January 2007

The primary address for the sister sites of the Aro Lineage is www.arobuddhism.org. This site—and its sisters— give detailed information on the Aro Lineage, Aro practice and the Aro community. It offers differing levels of engagement for those interested in Aro Buddhism, including a free on-line meditation course, exclusive access for Friends of the Aro Lineage and a membership programme.

The Aro Buddhism site includes:

Calendar of Aro events

An easily accessible schedule of all Aro events worldwide. This page can show only the events relevant to you – for example, only the events in your region. It remembers your preferences, and will still show only your relevant events if you come back a month later.

Aro Community

These pages give a detailed overview of the Aro path: Friends of Aro, members, apprentices, ordained sangha and Lamas.

Aro meditation courses

Aro has a number of courses and evening classes available worldwide. These are suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. They combine detailed explanations and practical exercises. Each class includes a talk by a course leader, time spent practising the exercises, and a question and answer session. We also offer a free on-line meditation course.

Aro Retreats

This section describes the weekend retreat ‘modules’ offered by the Aro Lamas.

Recommended Reading

A recommended reading list, with descriptions of many excellent books on Buddhism.

Audio Teachings

Several sections of the Aro Buddhism website are enhanced with audio that you can listen to on-line or download to play later on your computer or an mp3 player.
You can listen to a recording of a talk on the yanas by Ngak’chang Rinpoche.
You can read an article on yogic song, by Ngala Nor’dzin Pamo and listen to each song as you read about it.
As you read articles on this site, some words appear in pink. If you move the mouse over these links, dictionary definitions will pop up in-place, without your needing to visit the dictionary itself.


This Aro Dictionary is a new resource giving definitions of a hundred key terms, with pronunciations and Tibetan and Sanskrit spellings.