syllable ho


This is a calligraphy of the seed syllable ‘ho’. It is a syllable that forms part of the Tsog’khorlo of Seed Syllables that is practised by Aro Lineage students. This tsog ’khorlo comprises entirely of seed syllables and mantras, but is practised with oration of commentaries written by Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen.

The verse which is orated after singing the syllable ho is as follows:

Ho is the courageous pronouncement of the hopelessness which is beyond fear. Ho is the audacious declaration of the fearlessness which is beyond hope. Ho is the extravagant assertion of the continuity of birth and death as a unified experience. Ho is the outrageous avowal that all conditioned perceptions are spontaneously self-liberated in the moment of their arising.