gÇig – one

gÇig (gCig)


Serious students of Tibetan Buddhism may find it useful to learn the numbers one to ten in Tibetan. It is quite common to find numbers used in the names of teachings and persons. Here are some examples where ‘gÇig’ is used:

  • Ma-gÇig Lapdrön (Ma-gChig Lap-sGron) – the Unique or singular Mother Torch of Practice

  • ta-gÇig tog-tu gÇè (thag gCig thog tu Chad) – remaining without doubt (single-pointed certainty empty presence) the third phrase of the tsig sum nèdek (tshig gSum gNad brDeg) of Garab Dorje

  • ral-chig ma (ral gCig ma) – Ekajati, the single plait mother

  • tsé gÇig Nyon-mong ’mèd (rTse gCig nyon mongs med) meditative stability (single-pointed without afflicted emotion)

  • Pawo Chigpa (dPa bo gCig pa) – Yamantaka, ‘Solitary Hero’