long-life wish-path


Düd’jom Yangsrid Tulku

Incarnation of Düd’jom Jig’drèl Yeshé Dorje Rinpoche

Lineage holder of the Düd’jom gTér

Om Swasti: Sang gyé pèd ma’i thug jé dab tong tser,
Ngo tsar trül pa’i gé sar zhad par nam,
Dro ’dül gyal wa’i zhal khyin da ’drèl ku,
Kal zang dül ja’i so nam pal du shar,
Ri ’dzin nyu gu’i sang sum yid zhing wang,
Tsol ’mèd thrin lé död gu rab jo wé,
Sa sum kyé dro’i ré wa kong zhing du,
Yong drüp tag pa’i ngo ’or zhab tèn sol,
Kön chog tsa sum gya tso’i den tob dang,
Dam chan dé nga cham dral tu tsal gyi,
Dag chag mon a’i dré bu rab min lé,
Lab chen tan dro’i gé tsèn bar ’gyür chig.

Above the thousand petals of Buddha Padmasambhava’s innate compassion, blooms the pollen bed of his amazing emanation-the peerless emissary of the victor who tames all beings-arises in glory, due to the merit of those to be guided in this fortunate æon. The three secrets of this Seedling Rig’dzin are a wish fulfilling source of power which allows effortless enlightened activity to yield everything desired. I pray that he lives long-answering the hopes of beings in the three realms, as he stands within the essence of ever present reality. Through the power of the Three Jewels and the Three Roots, and through the strength and energy of the five classes oath-bound male and female guardians – may our aspirations bear excellent fruit in order that positive signs of enormous benefit blaze for the teachings and for all beings.

Written by HH Kyabjé Chatral Sang-gyé Dorje Rinpoche on the eleventh day of the ninth month, of the water bird year