Kyabjé Trülshik Rinpoche’s long-life wish-path

for the incarnation of

His Holiness Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpoche

Om Swasti: Rab jam sré ché gyal wa’i thug jé dang,
Mèd jung tsa wa sum gyi jin lab kyi,
Jé tsun la ma khyen tse’i gTér chen po’i,
Sam zhin trül pa’i do gar tsung da dral,
Ö gyen jé dang ri dral do ngag kyi,
Ten ’dzin mi shig dor je’i kham su tan,
’phang de’i zhèd don ma bèd lhun drüp shog.

Through the intrinsic compassion of the vast array of victors and their heir, and through the wondrous nature of the Three Roots-most excellent Lama-incarnation of the great gTértön of wisdom and love, whose existence is unrivalled dance of awareness emanation-be completely victorious-may the completely victorious fearless holder of the teachings-who is indistinguishable from Padmasambhava-live long. May his lotus feet stand firmly within the indestructible vajra realm. May his enlightened intentionality be effortless and spontaneously accomplished.

Written on the eight day of the eleventh month of the wood bore year in the Maratika long-life cave by Kyabjé Trülshik Rinpoche