Crossed vajras

Crossed Vajras

Earth element

The double dorjes, or crossed vajras (natsog dorje / sNa tshogs rDo rJe – Sanskrit: vishva vajra)—as shown in this image and the following four images—represent non-dual activity – the power and qualities of the dorje manifesting in the physical world. The double dorje is often associated with Donyodrüpa (don yod grub pa – Sanskrit: Amoghasiddhi), the Buddha of the Karma family – but in this series of five crossed vajras, all five Buddha families (Gyalwa Rig-nga – rGyal ba rig lNga) are represented. The crossed vajras depict all five elemental colours and thus refer to the inspirational brilliance of the path of transformation—Vajrayana—which transforms neuroses into realisation.